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Technical Production & Live Streaming


DJ Snake - Arc de Triomphe 

DJ Snake became the first person ever to perform on top of Paris’ iconic landmark, the Arc de Triomphe, with his 6th September live stream. The set closed with a performance of new track ‘A Different Way’.

In total, 3 million viewers tuned-into Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to witness the roughly 20-minute mini-mix. The set was introduced with a short vignette highlighting the sites that groomed DJ Snake into the man and producer he has become. 

For this project we were asked to do the technical production and the live streaming.

We co-produced this with the french company Cercle Music

News article on DJ Mag

Full video: DJ Snake - Arc de Triomphe

"Paris is my city. My home. It’s the place where I grew up, that taught me life. I am inspired by these streets, a melting pot of so many cultures. I was asked to do this for Paris. To give back to the city that gave me so much. I wanted to present my journey, my music, my new song, in my city. These streets to feel it first. And to all of you who watched at home who have supported me on this journey. To the top of my world. Merci. – DJ Snake"

Client: DJ Snake management

Role: Technical Production and live streaming on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Date: September 2017

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