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Nature One Festival 2023

Nature One Festival 2023

Full Production



For the eleventh year in a row, we returned to the magical grounds of the Nature One festival 2023. 

This year, our production was even more efficient and effective than the previous one.

Just like last year, we recorded performances from three stages: Open Air Floor, Century Circus, and Home Base. These recordings feature artists such as Pappenheimer, Neelix, Paul van Dyk, Klaudia Gawlas, Öwnboss, Charlie Sparks, Topic, Sander van Doorn, and many others.

These three stages were all connected to a central media control room on-site. From there, we created a curated live stream for ARTE Concert, our media partner. In addition to the live stream, we recorded all the DJ sets for on-demand viewing on the client's YouTube page.

Here's an interesting fun fact: ARTE Concert set a strict deadline for the Video On Demand content to be delivered to their servers — 10 hours after the festival concluded. We managed to do it just 20 minutes after the last DJ performed at the Nature One Festival. This timely delivery included not just the VOD files for ARTE but all other content recorded over the weekend, amounting to 34 DJ sets in total.

You can find all DJ sets here:

ARTE Concert: 

Nature One YT: 

Services provide during this production include, video editing on-site, audio mastering, content distribution and much more.


  • 37 crew

  • 26 cameras

  • 34 DJ sets recorded

  • 3 areas live recorded

  • 1 birthday celebrated

  • 3.5 kilos of coffee

  • 30 ltr of milk

  • 50+ hours of content

  • 15 terabyts of content

  • giga number of jokes

  • 10 years older

  • a lot of fun



ARTE Concert

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